There are different bedrooms.

We have chosen to call them after well known places in the county or city of Örebro.

There is also a shared kitchen equipped with a dishwasher, an electric kettle, a coffee maker, an electric cooker with an oven, a refrigerator and a freezer.

In the living room there is a television, armchairs, a settee, a coffee table and a desk.

Please tidy up after the use of shared facilities and clean your room before departure.

Wireless internet is available at no extra charge.

The hostel is a non-smoking area. Animals are not allowed.

Room Hjälmaren(Lake Hjälmaren)

Room Svampen(The "Mushroom" - A Water Tower)

Room Gullvivan("Primrose" - Örebro Countys Special Flower)


TV/ Living room

Kitchen                                   Bathroom