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What´s in Örebro?

Just behind the wine cellar lies the beautiful Sveaparken - Park, which was born in the early 20th century, is an elongated green area equipped with boulebanes, playgrounds and flower beds. The green areas in the park are popular for exercise, play, games and too sunbathing.

In central Örebro beyond Stadsparken at Svartåns beach you will find Wadköping. About 1.4 km walking distance.

With its wooden houses and farms, Wadköping depicts Örebro's older settlement and urban environment. Here you will find museums, exhibitions, café and restaurant, wooden goods, trade booth, bakery and many other exciting shops and crafts

A modern concert hall and a classically beautiful theater

In the middle of Örebro next to Svartån lies

 Örebro Concert Hall.

Here visitors have enjoyed music and art since 1932.

Following the development of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra to an internationally-requested orchestra, this year, a modern concert hall was opened. A few hundred meters downstream, next to Örebro Castle, you will find the enchanting and extraordinarily beautiful Örebro Theater, with a recently renovated and permanently sold out main scene.

Stadsparken creates a perfect spot for strolling, jogging, sunbathing, playing a concert, picknicking, playing, inspiring or simply being in. There is also a year-round open-air café.

Stadsparken has been designated Sweden's most beautiful park and Europe's fifth most beautiful park.

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Vinkastens hostel is located on the south side of Örebro city.

It is about 1 km walking distance to Södra station and 1.7 km walking distance to the Resecentrum.


With scarcely 10 min walking distance you reach Örebro's pride of the castle. Beautifully located around the water and framing in Örebro central parts.

Within the thick walls of Örebro Castle there are many chapters written in Sweden's history. Today, the former royal castle has become one of Örebro's biggest attractions.

The Great Family Adventure - The adventure is close. It awaits you in the dense jungle, among waterfalls, waves and wild forts. Explore the mysterious ruins and throw yourself in some of Sweden's longest and coolest water slides at Gustavsvik's water park

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